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day bed



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day bed (for Elka) 2014
Foam, fabric, plywood, 67x73"

A site specific intervention during the MAK-Schindler artist residency in Los Angeles. day bed (for Elka) transforms the dining nook in the kitchen of one of Schindler's Mackey apartments (designed by Rudolph Schindler in 1939 for Pearl Mackey, now the artist-in-residence apartments of the MAK Center in Los Angeles) into a wall-to-wall daybed, exchanging the built-in benches and table for a wall-to-wall, eleven-sided mattress. The mattress pad transfers the peculiar shape and three dimensional space of the noo k– reminiscent of a trailer, crystal, spaceship or womb – into a polygonal object, which can be variously used as a giant floor pillow, an object hung on the wall, or a space to read or contemplate.