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Hausbaukasten (house construction set), 2015
Multiplex wood (birch), oil, metal; 160x80x135 cm; 80x80x220 cm; 80x80x150 cm; 80x80x70 cm

Hausbaukasten cites a playground structure from the late 1950ies which Holzfeind became aware of during her research on kindergartens in Vienna. The house construction set enables children to build – using the most basic forms of rectangular and triangular panels – a cube, a 'house', a 'housing estate', a 'city': that is, to define and experience space. Social and societal connections can be tested and acted out in these simple, archetypal rooms.
The sculpture refers to the architectural and sociopedagogical ideas of the 1920s regarding new ways of living and the functionality of space, ideas made manifest, for example in the Werkbundsiedlungen. Architecturally designed ways of living and social cohabitation in the future are put up for discussion.

Installation view Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (2015)