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MEXICO 68, 2007 31 b&w digital C-prints, various sizes

from left to right:
Assembly at Ciudad Universitaria organized by the rector Barros Sierra, July 31; archive CESU. Courtesy Comité 68
Press conference of the National Strike Council at IPN, Archive IIESU-UNAM. Courtesy Comité 68
Burnt bus, July 1968; archive Tonatiuh García. Courtesy Comité 68
Demonstration, probably August 5 or 13; archive Tonatiuh García. Courtesy Comité 68
Zacatenco, Polytecnical Institute, during the army´s invasion, September 24; Fondo Manuel Gutiérrez Paredes, Acervo ISSUE-UNAM.
Zócalo, August 28; the army confronts students and burocrats; archive Manuel Gutiérrez Paredes, Colección IIESU-UNAM.
Zócalo, August 13; Archivo General de la Nación. Courtesy Comité 68.
The army occupies the UNAM campus, September 18; archive Tonatiuh García. Courtesy Comité 68
Girls from the brigades distributing leaflets, August 1968. Courtesy Comité 68