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"Holzfeind creates a dense net of images and information, emotions and reflections about this (still) enigmatic and controversial illness. She not only creates a complex portrait of Katherine and her illness, but, due to its high amount of reflexion about the illness and its consequences, she succeeds with her film „Exposed“ in a founded social critique.” (Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg)
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"The inescapability with which Exposed describes the consequences of this illness, presents itself as a reality resulting from certain symptoms of an industrialized and capitalistic society. Even though Katherine’s isolation is not self-inflicted, it is at the same time a failure on those (social) structures. Failure though, constitutes one of the great taboos of our society. In this respect, Exposed addresses marginalization through incompatibility with society as a political issue. Katherine’s situation was a not chosen out of the need for a certain individual lifestyle, but it demands a pre-engineered loophole in our capitalist world.” (Melanie Ohnemus)
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