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Corviale Corviale Corviale
LONG TAKE, 8 min below: MAKING OF, 8 min

Corviale Corviale
MAKING OF, 8 min

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Friday market (making of) excerpts:

Q: What are the products that you find here?
A: EverythingÖ clothes, shoes, slippers, home appliances, electrical appliances, mixers, bedroom and living room furniture, bicyclesÖ everything!
B: It started with birds: birds and pigeons, then clothes, then bicycles. Later food and drinks...

Q: Do the sellers live here?
A: No, most of them donít live here. They come and rent the space to sell.
Q: Who do they rent from?
A: From people who run the market - basically the people who live around here.
Q: Where do the sellers come from?
A: They come from all over Egypt, and from parts of Cairo called El Zawya, El Matareya, from around the Citadel...

Q: There is a train station here. Does the train pass every day?
A: Yes, everyday. At the end of the day, people pick up their things so the train can pass.
B: Itís a cargo train and it passes once or twice a day but it's not regular.
Q: Do you know where the train goes?
B: No I donít know its route.
Q: Have you ever been on this train?
A: No.
Q: If you were to take the train, where would you want to go?
B: Wherever it takes me, thatís where I would go.
Q: Do you want to leave?
B: It depends... I would take the train till the end of the line and Iíd get off. Iíd go anywhere –
... and if I don't find anything Iíll come back here.