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INSTALLATION VIEW MANIFESTA7: slide installation C.U., 4 monitors with 8 video interviews, archive photos

photowall with archive photos

C.U. (Mexico City, August 2006), 2007

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Catalogue text Manifesta7 by Adam Budak:

Heidrun Holzfeind often shows the circumstances of individuals considered to be social outsiders, like immigrants or homeless people, and maps the network of dependencies that condition individual and collective identities. The artistís sociological reflection takes place at the intersection of the private and the public, where the personal experience, perception of space and memory contribute to the construction of the political, social and historical Gestalt.

Mexico 68 consists of a selection of 8 interviews with participants of the 1968 student movement in Mexico City, discussing the significance and impact of these events on Mexican society. Far from attempting to construct a monument, Holzfeind documents the visions and dreams of a generation who thrived to change Mexican society. Additionally, black & white archive photographs document the course and development of the movement: student activities, massive protest marches, confrontations with the riot police, etc.

C.U. (Mexico City, August 2006) is a photographic monograph of the campus of the National University in Mexico City (today known as the "Ciudad Universitaria", C.U.), one of the major sites of the Ď68 movement. The artist investigates the layout of the campus, designed by Mario Pani and Enrique del Moral as a modern "city" which combines modernistic principles with historic references and rational architecture in the international style. Documenting everyday life on the campus and the ageing of modernist structures, C.U. (Mexico City, August 2006) researches a role of architecture in constructing social space. (Adam Budak, 2008)